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Maja Kristine Jåma

Rådsmedlem i Sametinget

Ms. Maja Kristine Jåma, born on July 8, 1993, is a Sámi politician who holds a position on the Governing Council of the Sámi Parliament in Norway. In her role, she is responsible for various political aspects, including sámi culture and media, climate, environment and energy, land-use, and transport.

Jåma is affiliated with the Norgga Sámiid Riikasearvi/Norwegian Sámi Association (NSR). She was elected as a member of the Sámi Parliament in Norway, serving the term, from 2021 to 2024. From 1 August 2020 until she was elected to the Sámi Parliament on 20 October 2021, Jåma was a political advisor to the Governing Council of the Sámi Parliament.

Ms. Jåma is a reindeer herder from Fovsen Njarke Sijte (Fosen reinbeitedistrikt), and has for several years been involved in the fight for sámi rights, and especially in the opposition to the construction of wind power plants in southern sámi reindeer grazing areas together with many human rights defenders. Furthermore, Ms. Jåma is a qualified teacher with five years of education at university level. She used to teach in the south sámi language and mathematics.

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