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Northern Norway




“Waste not, want not” – an analysis of the marine ingredients industry in Northern Norway

Market researchers at Nofima, The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture have analysed the profitability of the marine ingredients industry in Norway. The researchers found that profitability varies greatly, and also pointed out a number of opportunities and challenges facing the industry.


Personal narratives from the North

The power of definition over Northern Norway no longer belongs to the south. Colonial viewpoints and narratives about natural resources and exotic scenery have been replaced by local ones that emphasise the Northern Norwegian, Sami and Arctic identities. Research, science and education are important to the region. Culture, literature and the media all tell their own stories.


Shipping and the Northern Sea Route

This is the first report of two, presenting the status of the Northern Sea Route, providing key information about its water area, shipping lanes, ports, freight traffic, and Arctic fleet – cargo vessels and icebreakers.


2018 Northern Norway investment survey

There is plenty of willingness to invest in Northern Norway and Svalbard. We have identified 813 projects that together with residential investment represent NOK 742.6 billion of investment over the coming eight years (2018–2026).


The ocean and its riches

Although water covers seventy percent of the Earth’s surface, these vast areas contribute just under 2.5 percent of the global economy. Many parts of the world’s oceans are unexplored, so there is huge potential for growth. Understanding the ocean may become a key competitive advantage for Northern Norway in the future economic landscape.